Current Activities

Component A

By the end of 2018 the study team has concluded Tasks 1 to and 6 of Component A. Currently, the study team is focusing on the completion of Tasks 5 and 6 which cover:

  • the definition of a long list of Measures clearly and logically linked to the Operational Objectives drawn in Task 4 – Problem Analysis; and
  • the development of scenarios based on the combination of sets of Measures, their evaluation and optimization.

Also, the National Transport Plan for Greece is drafted in parallel with the respective SEA to be submitted to the Ministry of Environment for consultation. The Transport Plan will be finalised after the approval of the SEA incorporating any comments and additions necessitated.


Component B

As per its Terms of Reference, Component B of the Project envisages the support on the establishment of a Strategic Planning Unit (Task 10: Scoping) and the provision of a series of training sessions (Task 11) in transport modelling as well as in other transport-related fields.

Within the Scoping Report the necessity of setting up a central Transport Planning Unit, as required by the ToR of the project, was confirmed. This confirmation was brought by a series of findings relevant to the necessary activities of the four discrete phases of Strategic Transport Planning (STP), i.e. planning, development, implementation and monitoring, as well as after the consultation held with several major institutions and authorities leading to the detection of current problems and inadequacies.

The series of findings, combined with a set of benchmarks, led to define a set of responsibilities for the SPU, which in turn justifies a rather comprehensive training programme on Strategic Transport Planning.

On the 16th of April 2018, eight (8) people from different ministerial departments were appointed to join the SPU, with parallel duties. On the 12th of June, individual interviews with the SPU members were held, so that: (i) their training needs are defined and (ii) people be linked to specific SPU activities and trainings, according to their background, expertise, experience and personal interests and views. The Service Provider shall deliver 36 days of training to the SPU members.

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