The National Transport Plan for Greece

The Final Transport Plan Report including the final Decision of Environmental Conditions for the Strategic Environmental Assessment (as issued by the competent services of the Ministry of Environment) has been completed and approved [...]

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Current Activities

Component A By the end of 2018 the study team has concluded Tasks 1 to and 6 of Component A. Currently, the study team is focusing on the completion of Tasks 5 and 6 which [...]

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Steering Committee

To monitor the National Transport Plan for Greece, a Project Steering Committee (PSC) has been nominated by the MIT with representatives from concerned stakeholders and institutions. Under the direction of the Secretary General, it includes [...]

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Field Surveys

Comprehensive field surveys took place in the period 18th of September to 20th of October 2017, with the main aim to collect representative traffic data that reflect the typical period for transport. More specifically, the [...]

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Kick-off Meeting

The Kick off meeting took place on the 19th of May 2017, at the premises of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, under the Secretary General of the Ministry with the participation of representatives of [...]

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