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The Project

Overall objective

The Ministry for Infrastructures and Transport (MIT) of Greece has appointed a technical consultant (the “Service Provider”) to support in the development of the National Transport Plan that will facilitate the identification and justification of future necessary policies and investments in the transport sector. The Transport Plan will be developed in tandem with the development of Strategic Transport Planning capabilities within the Ministry. Both activities are being undertaken with the support of JASPERS (joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions).


The purpose of the Project is to provide the basis for sustainable transport infrastructure and service development in Greece over the medium to long term, which will contribute to the competitiveness of the transport sector of the country.

Main Results to be achieved by the Service Provider
The Service Provider shall deliver the following:
• a comprehensive National Transport Plan with a horizon year of 2037, and an interim year of 2027;
• necessary supporting planning tools (transport model, Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) model, Web-Based Data Room); and
• selected capacity building activities (training, institutional support, protocols, data management, and mechanisms for cooperation with all jointly competent ministries) to support the development of a functioning Strategic Transport Planning Unit in the Ministry, and a fully documented set of activities and protocols.